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Catholic Economics

Good practising Catholics in America are often confused and perplexed as to why the popes sometimes sound so "socialist" in some of they're papal encyclicals that address economics. Often such Catholics simply dismiss these words of the Holy Father, basically because they don't fit the standard American worldview.

These papal encyclicals on economics are:
Rerum Novarum: On the Condition of Workers, Pope Leo XIII, 1891Quadragesimo Anno: On the Reconstruction of the Social Order, Pope Pius XI, 1931Mater et Magistra: Mother and Teacher, Pope John XIII, 1961Populorum Progressio: On the Development of People, Pope Paul VI, 1961Laborem Exercens: On Human Work, Pope John Paul II, 1981Sollicitudo Rei Socialis: On the Twentieth Anniversary of Populorum Progressio, Pope John Paul II, 1987Centesimus Annus: The Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum, Pope John Paul II, 1987Caritas in Veritatae: Charity in Truth, Pope Benedict XVI, 2009 The American worldview on economics is bla…