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Why I Don't Believe In The Rapture

As I write this it is the third week of Advent, and during this time in the Catholic Church's liturgical calendar we remember not only the first coming of our Lord, but we also look forward to his second coming.  Consequently the readings for this time period are interesting; jumping back and forth between the story of the nativity and apocalyptic prophecies.  I still believe in the Second Coming of Christ of course as is required of Catholic faith.  And I believe in the Scriptures that say we shall all be caught up together the meet him in the air on that day.  That day is the Second Coming, also called the Parousia, the last day and Judgement Day.  It will be the end of human history as we know it.  There will be no second chances, no interval time to rethink things, that will just be "it."  I believe this can happen at any time, and I look forward to it, because when it does happen, I know that we will forever be with the Lord.  What I no longer believe in is th…

The Anglican Use Hook

Now any good fisherman will tell you to never try to set the hook on the first sign of a bite. Let the fish swim with it for a few seconds, then give the line a good pull. This will get the hook in nice and deep, thus reducing the fish's chance of getting away. I converted to Catholicism in the Spring of 2000.  In fact I was received into the Church, with my wife Penny, on the Easter Vigil of that year.  Penny and I came from nominal Protestant homes, and as young adults we were Evangelical Fundamentalists.  Between 1994 through 1998 I began informal training for the ministry.  My goal was to become pastor for Calvary Chapel, a nondenominational affiliation with strong Fundamentalist, Dispensational, and Charismatic leanings.  However, between 1996 and 1998 something went terribly wrong from an Evangelical perspective.  I began studying two things far more intensely than Evangelicals are supposed to do.  I started digging into the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the his…