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Sede Vacante

Sede Vacante.  It means "the chair is empty" and is a Latin reference to the chair, or throne, of Saint Peter.  As I write this something remarkable is about to happen.  By the time you read it, it will have already happened.  For the first time in the history of the Catholic Church, a pope has resigned strictly for health and age reasons.  It's never happened before.  Yes, other popes have resigned (abdicated the throne) in previous centuries, but never for the reasons Pope Benedict XVI did.  The sheer magnitude of the power he just voluntary relinquished is monumental.  The press has been left in awe.  They can't fathom a man giving up so much so willingly.  Desperately, in vain, they tried to find some ulterior motive, some "other" reason, some kind of explanation as to why a man would give up so much power.  For weeks they've been searching and they've found nothing.  Exhausted and empty-handed they are forced to concede that this man simply abd…

The Reforms of Vatican II Were Hijacked

Turn on the "closed caption" feature to read the pope's comments in English.
There was a time, not so long ago, when some people would have accused me of being a schismatic for saying such things. Indeed, I know some people here in my own diocese who would have taken a very harsh tone with me for even suggesting this.  It's not true.  If anything, my fervent desire to be in full communion with the Holy Father leads me to say this.  Now however, in the last week of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate, he has spoken very plainly and openly about what he has alluded to many times over the last eight years. So Catholics such as myself now have some cover.  For it is not our words, but the message of the Holy Father himself.

The reforms that followed the Second Vatican Council (not the Council itself, but the reforms that followed it) were essentially hijacked by the mainstream news media of the 1960s and 70s. They were misreported and misinterpreted, so as to spread a…

Evangelising Through Beauty -- It Works !!!

Please watch the above video. (If you're receiving this blog by email, click on the link source to see the video.) What Father Barron is talking about here is spot on. If Catholics want to evangelise; whether that be Protestants or non-Christians in general, then the way to do it is through beauty. It is the starting point. As I opined in my previous blog Converting Protestants -- A Secret Method, the way to bring more people into the Catholic Church (both Protestants and non-Christians alike) is by returning to the historical and traditional beauty of Catholic worship. By this I mean literally EVERYTHING! Bring back the old iconography. Bring back the traditional way of doing mass. Bring back the Eucharistic processions and adorations. Bring back the bells and incense. Bring back the Gregorian chant. This is the KEY! It will work. I promise you it will.

I'm not going to add to what Father Barron said above, because what he said is so complete. Instead I will ju…

The Pope, The Antichrist and Peter the Roman

WARNING: The above video is sensationalist hype!!!
It is an advertisement for a non-catholic book written about the alleged Catholic prophecy of Saint Malachy. A few Evangelical Protestants have put their own apocalyptic spin on this prophecy that equates the Pope with the Antichrist.  The authors of the book advertised here are sensational conspiracy theorists.  They are about to release another book, wherein they claim the Vatican is preparing for the arrival of extraterrestrial aliens. ----------------------------------
In truth, I would rather not write about this stuff.  Unfortunately, it is necessary, especially considering the area in which I live.  With the recent resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, followed by the upcoming conclave to elect a new pope next month, the predictable apocalyptic hysteria has begun yet again, both among some Catholics and some Protestants (but most especially Protestants).  So the record needs to be set straight.

At the centre of the storm is a twelf…

Holy Father Farewell

The pope has resigned, and it is his canon law right to do so.  He resigns for health reasons, and anyone watching him over the last year can tell you it was obvious.  The man can barely walk anymore.  His doctors have told him he can no longer travel, and when he got that word, he understandably decided to resign.
Pope Benedict XVI was the greatest pope in a generation, though this generation cannot recognise that, because this generation is narcissist. At least, it is in the Western world anyway (Europe, the Americas and Australia).  The people of the Western world want a "rock star" pope who makes them "feel good" so they can focus on themselves even more.  This pope didn't give us that.  Instead he gave us all what we needed.  What made Pope Benedict XVI great was his rich theology and love of tradition.  Through his apostolic actions, he made subtle course corrections in the Church, that have little recognition in the immediate culture, but will be very cle…