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The Pope and the Holy Land

Click here if the video cannot be seen.
Upon the completion of Pope Francis' visit to the Holy Land in 2014, some conservative internet news media went abuzz with all sorts of criticism of the Holy Father.

Now, lest anyone mistakenly believe I think the pope is above criticism, I do have some of my own criticisms of the pope, but they are minor. I have an issue with Pope Francis on liturgy. I think he's too lax, and in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's magnificent reforms of the liturgy, Pope Francis has thus far been a step backward. The other issue I have with the Holy Father is over his spontaneous "off the cuff" remarks. While I don't have any major issues over what he actually said (as opposed to what the media wrongly reported he said), I still think a pope should be a bit more careful about how he says things in public. When the whole world is listening, wording is important. I think he should be more careful.  That's it.  Those are my two criticism…