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America Needs a Convention of States

Politics is not a subject I like to delve into on this blog. I try to refrain from endorsing political candidates entirely. I've tinkered with that prospect before and regretted it. So I stick to particular causes instead. Every once in a while a worthy cause presents itself, and this is one such case.

I want you to click on this attached link below and explore it.  As a student of history and American patriot, I am telling you now that outside of a miracle from God Almighty, this is our LAST BEST HOPE for the United States of America. I encourage you to pray for the miracle, but in the mean time, I also encourage you to consider the Convention of States.

While partisan hacks, both in the government and the media, would like us to believe America's problems are the result of actions taken by "the other candidate" or "the other party," those of us who study history know better.  America's political and economic problems are primarily the result of one …

The Heresy of Christian Zionism

"Heresy" is a pretty strong word, so I don't use it lightly. The word itself come from the Greek root "heterodox" meaning "other belief" and stands in opposition to the word "orthodox" which means "right belief" or "correct belief." The subject of this blog article will be the topic of Christian Zionism, the belief that the Old Covenant grants to modern Jews the absolute right to possess and govern not only the modern state of Israel, but all the occupied territories as well, and as some believe, even all the lands stretching from the Euphrates River in Iraq to the Nile River in Egypt. This belief includes the notion that Palestinian Arabs (Muslims and Christians) have no right to that same land, and should submit to absolute Israeli control or leave. In practical application, a Christian Zionist supports Israeli expansion and consolidation of control of the Holy Land as a mandate from God.

First, a little background is …

World War I -- A Century Later

Please watch this video to learn more about World War I.
World War I began 100 years ago on July 28, 1914. None of us today can fully appreciate the magnitude of change that has occurred since this catastrophe of world history. Only a tiny handful of people alive today witnessed this event as children. Within a decade, even they will be gone. It was the greatest event of the last century, and I say "greatest" because of its influence over world history. Many people look to World War II as the greatest event.  I say no, because World War II was really just a sequel, a continuation of the unfinished business left over from World War I.

From World War I came the abolition of monarchies all across Europe. The social influence of the Catholic Church was weakened, while the social influence of European Protestant churches (especially in Germany) was decapitated. In Russia, the social influence of the Orthodox Church was obliterated. In the wake of this war, Christian civilisation,…

Understanding the Palestinian Quagmire

Why do Palestinians continue to elect terrorists (like Hamas) as their leaders? Too many Americans just don't get it. They can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing, unless of course, that's how the Palestinians really think inside, and they're all radical terrorists at heart. Of course, this is exactly what the Israeli government would like us to believe, and this message is conveyed regularly by Zionist apologists, both in the mainstream news, and from behind the pulpits of many Evangelical churches in America. The message is simple. Palestinians are Muslims, and Muslims are hate-filled terrorists. Therefore they can't help it. They hate Israel because they hate Jews, and they hate anyone who is not Muslim. They hate Israel because they hate freedom, democracy, women's rights…. {insert whatever you want here}. Then of course there is the Biblical card. The claim is made that the Palestinians hate Israelis because they've hated them for thousands of …

Catholic in the Ozarks is now FULLY CHRISTIAN

If you're a regular reader of this blog you've undoubtedly noticed some pretty big changes. I have changed the name of my blog from "Catholic in the Ozarks" to "Fully Christian." This is not to say that my blog wasn't fully Christian before. It was and still is. Nor is this meant to imply that other Christians are not truly Christian. On the contrary, there are many non-Catholic Christians who put Catholics to shame with their faith and virtues. However, to be Catholic is to approach the Christian faith in its fullness, leaving nothing out, but embracing everything Christianity has to offer, and holding nothing back.

Along with the name change I've changed the look and feel of the blog, however, the content is exactly the same. You can continue to expect the same frank, candid and in-depth Catholic blogging. I've chosen to rebrand my blog to reach a wider audience, and to make a very profound point that our fellow non-Catholic Christians need t…

Why Did Jesus Have To Die?

Both of my kids have asked me this question many times; "Why did Jesus have to die?"  It's a simple question really. I imagine the thought process behind it is that if Jesus didn't die on the cross for our sins, he would still be here today, ruling as King of kings from Jerusalem. Naturally, I gave them the Biblical answer to this question.  Jesus died to atone for our sins, to pay for them, so that we wouldn't have to. Their response: "Couldn't God just forgive us without Jesus dying?"

Okay, now we have every Christian parent's nightmare.  Your child has just stumped you with a perfectly logical  and simple question.  What do you do?  In the past, I would refer to the Old Covenant, with the sacrifice of animals, telling them that with Jesus' eternal sacrifice now done, we don't have to do that any more, etc.  That answer never seemed to get very far.

I've resorted to a new explanation that gets down the the heart of the matter in a…

Religious Freedom Comes to Missouri Schools

Today something interesting happened.  Missouri's Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, signed into law legislation that guarantees non-discrimination for any public school student over religious practise, beliefs and opinions.  What this means is that students can wear religious items to school without harassment by school officials. They can organise prayer meetings and scripture study during non-class time.  They can pray during non-class time openly and without harassment by school officials. They can even express their religious views in class assignments, and those assignments must be graded by standardised academic criteria, not their religious opinions or political correctness.

So for example; a student could turn in a science assignment demonstrating the student's knowledge of evolutionary theory, but could write at the bottom of the page that he doesn't believe any of it. This would not effect his grade, and he would be graded solely on how well he understood the theor…