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Traditional English versus Common English

My wife and I home educate our children. Today, I just gave them their first lesson in Traditional English, or what some people call "King James English" (that's not a proper term but whatever). Traditional English is proper English, wherein the second person pronoun is expressed very particularly, and this is absolutely NECESSARY when translating the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into English. It's also necessary when translating Latin Church documents into English as well. Modern Common English does not have these second-person pronoun equivalents, which makes Common English translations of the Bible inferior to Traditional English, and yes, this stuff really does matter.

Now I should make it clear here, when I say Traditional English, that doesn't mean the language is somehow "more holy" than Common English. It's not. Nor does it mean that one version of English is better than another. It just means that one form of English (Traditional English) i…

The Pope and Illegal Immigration

I lived in Southern California for the first 23 years of my life. I am very familiar with the problem of illegal immigration. I personally met and knew some of these people. I went to school with them. I worked with them. My neighbours hired them. They were all around me, and that was back in the 1980s! I have also seen the above road sign more times than I can count. I remember specifically driving to visit my grandmother who lived in San Diego for a number of years. These signs were everywhere. Illegal aliens would regularly run across the freeways, knowing that border patrol would not pursue them across, for fear of causing a traffic pileup. This is the reality of the situation in Southern California. It's been this way for a VERY LONG TIME.

Now we've finally reached a point in this nation when Americans are at their wits' end. They've had enough of this problem, and they're eager to see it finished. Our healthcare system is taxed to the brink of collapse. Our …

Why Do Catholics Use Graven Images?

QUESTION: Why do Catholics have statues of Mary and other Saints?
ANSWER: Statues, sculptures and paintings of various figures from the Bible, and various persons throughout history, are called icons, and they serve as visual reminders of these persons and the virtues they represent. They are used as visual aids in the same way a Bible serves as a written aid. When one enters a private home it is common to see pictures of family members on the walls, both living and deceased. In the same way, when one enters a Catholic Church, the images of loved ones in the Church are commonplace. (Catechism 1159 - 1162)

QUESTION: Doesn't the Bible forbid the use of statues and "graven images?"
ANSWER: I certainly hope not, since a photograph of any kind would qualify as a "graven image" even if it is only graven with ink. You better toss those family photos if that is the case! The Biblical passage most commonly used to support the notion that graven images are forbidden by Go…

Do Catholics Worship Mary?

QUESTION: Do Catholics worship Mary?
ANSWER: No, Catholics do not worship (adore) Mary, nor do we worship anyone or anything other than the Trinitarian God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Catholic Church condemns the worship of anyone or anything else as idolatry (Catechism 2112 - 2114) and such idolatry could be punishable by excommunication, if such an idolater does not repent.

QUESTION: If Catholics do not worship Mary, why then do Catholics pray to Mary?
ANSWER: Catholics pray to Mary, other Saints and the holy angels, because we do not believe prayer, in and of itself, is worship (adoration). Catholics understand worship in the Biblical sense, which usually involves the presentation of an actual flesh and blood sacrifice (Genesis 4:4; Genesis 8:20; Exodus 22:20; 1st Samuel 15:22; Romans 5:10; 1st Corinthians 5:7; 1st Peter 2:5). This, coupled with the act of adoration (full submission of the mind, body, soul and will) is how Catholics understand worship in the usual Biblical sen…