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Protestantism is Collapsing

As we look across the panorama of the Western world we are forced to conclude one thing. Christianity is falling. Year after year, we are confronted with the latest figures, new graphs and charts like this one..

And the message from the so-called experts is always the same. "Christianity is dying. The youth are turning away from the faith. More people identify as 'unaffiliated' when asked of their religious beliefs." These have come to be known as the 'nones' because they select the option 'none' when asked for their religious affiliation. Political pundits tell us its because Christianity has become obsolete, that its failure to adopt the new morality has led to its demographic demise.

But is this true? Is it finally coming to an end? Is the age of the cross fading away into the darkness? Communists, militant atheists and neopagans would have us believe so. They shout it on the airwaves and the Internet every chance they get. But is it true?

Figures …