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Time to Vote with Our Feet

This is the 'Reform of the Reform.'
This is how the new mass is supposed to be done,
according to the original vision of Vatican II.
Dear readers, many of you know about Cardinal Sarah's call for priests to return to ad orientem (facing liturgical east) come Advent of this year (2016). Undoubtedly, some will do just that. However, in response to Cardinal Sarah's call, some bishops throughout the world, and particularly here in the United States, are doubling-down; ordering their priests to continue celebrating versus populum (facing the people) at all times, and instructing the faithful to continue receiving communion on the hand while standing. While they cannot compel either under canon law, the later they are phrasing their public statements in such a way as to make it "appear" as if reception of communion on the tongue while kneeling is no longer allowed.

Because of this, I am going to come out and publicly make a suggestion. I have encountered many peop…