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Our Lady of the Atonement and the Ordinariate

What is the Ordinariate, and why should Our Lady of the Atonement wish to join?

The question of what are the Ordinariates and why parishioners of Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church, in San Antonio, should even want to join is a natural question at this time.  As such, I thought it would be helpful to put some thoughts down for consideration on this important issue.

Recent events have been confusing. Our Lady of the Atonement was formed under the 'Anglican Use Pastoral Provision' long before the Ordinariates for former Anglicans were created by Rome. These Anglican Use parishes, originally authorised by Pope St. John Paul II, served as a prototype for the Ordinariates, and Our Lady of the Atonement was/is one of the most successful of them all. When the Ordinariates were created, it was generally assumed that all the Anglican Use parishes (including Atonement) would likely join them. However, while it has always been the express wish of the parish, and her pastor (Fr. Ch…

How We Got The Bible

All Christians revere the Bible as the written word of God. Few, however, know why that is. In fact, most Christians just assume that to be the case without every questioning it. They hear if from their pastors and their churches. Everybody says it. So how do we know it's true? There is really only one way. We need to know where the Bible came from.

So, where did the Bible Come from?

That's a very good question, and to understand where the Bible came from, we have to know a little bit of history. Let's go back, way back, to the 1st century AD. Jesus and his apostles were travelling the countryside in Galilee and Judea. They were Jews, and because they were Jews, they were using the Jewish Bible. Today we call that Jewish Bible the "Old Testament." This was all they had at the time.

However, there wasn't just one Jewish Bible. In fact, there were THREE! You see, each mainline Jewish sect had its own canon (Bible) of Scripture it considered authoritative. In f…

Living as a Catholic in the Bible Belt

The Ozark Mountains are firmly situated within the Bible Belt of the United States. In fact, the northern frontier of the Bible Belt begins on the western border of Missouri, right at the foothills of the Ozarks. I remember driving back and forth to Kansas a few times for some professional seminars. I found the cultural shift very profound right at the Missouri-Kansas border. On the Missouri side, the dominate churches were Baptist and Pentecostal. On the Kansas side it was Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist. I've found a similar cultural shift within Missouri too, while driving north and crossing the invisible Mason-Dixon line approaching St. Louis. Everything north of it is Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist. Everything south of it is Baptist and Pentecostal. Now to be sure, all of these churches exist on both sides of these borders, but what I'm talking about here is concentration. The Ozarks represent the northern frontier of the Bible Belt on the West side of the Mississippi…