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Catholics in an Anti-Catholic Land

I want to begin this essay by saying WELCOME to Melania Trump, who just revealed yesterday that she is a practising Catholic, and the first Catholic to live in the Whitehouse since the Kennedy administration. It was a pleasant surprise to learn this, and we welcome her with open arms. There are some who will point out what appears to be a marriage irregularity between her and Donald. Please note, that all good Catholics should give her the benefit of the doubt on this. We must assume that Donald Trump is making arrangements to take care of this problem, out of respect and love for his wife, assuming he hasn't already done so. We look forward to seeing Melania and Baron at mass now, and we thank her so much for coming out publicly, and taking this courageous stand for the Catholic Christian faith.

Now on to this topic of standing up for the Catholic faith. As my readers know, I am a catechist and apologist for the Catholic Christian faith. One of the things I do on this blog, and …

Why Are Evangelicals Beating Us?

Before I was Catholic, I was Anglican. But before I was Anglican, I was Evangelical, and I have a secret. My secret is that Catholics were the easiest targets to pull out of the Church, and convert to Evangelicalism. Sadly, a good number of the Catholics I pulled out (when I was an Evangelical) went on to have a strong anti-Catholic streak, much worse than anything I ever experienced as a cradle Protestant. I don't believe I put this anti-Catholic streak into them. I think it developed on its own, organically, from having left the Church and a natural human tendency to want to justify that.
So the question is why? Why are so many young Catholics converting to Evangelicalism? And why do Evangelicals so easily pull our young people away from the Church?
The Modernity answer is clueless. This assumes that it must be the praise music, guitars, drums, and emotional worship that does it, along with a happy, non-judgemental, "I'm okay, you're okay" pop-psychology preac…