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New Politics for Catholics

In previous blog essays I discussed the prevailing trends of American society and how recovery of the America our fathers and forefathers knew is now impossible. In the months leading up to the November 2016 election, I blogged that even if Republican candidate Donald Trump won the election, his victory would not save the country. Nor would it return America to a more civilised state. Nor would it guarantee our religious liberty for very long. I said the best case scenario is that Donald Trump might be able to postpone the inevitable anti-Christian persecution that is coming to America, and possibly lessen its severity. We were fortunate. Donald Trump won, and while it is obvious now that he cannot stop the impending persecution to come, he does stand a good chance at delaying its coming and lessening its severity.

His election has forced the modern Left to show its ugly fangs. Since November of 2016 we have witnessed nothing but riot after riot, sponsored by Leftist groups and indiv…

Evangelicals versus Fundamentalists

In a previous essay, I thanked God for Evangelicals. This outburst of gratitude was in response to one of Pope Francis' close Vatican advisers, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, who co-authored a scandalous article with Presbyterian Pastor Marcelo Figueroa, which with great ignorance and prejudice linked traditional Catholics with fundamental Protestants (the article equated them with Evangelicals) in an "ecumenism of hate" that elected Donald Trump to the presidency. The fact that the article was vetted by the Vatican Secretary of State only added to the scandal. Not only was the article categorically wrong, but it displayed such incredible naivety of American religious culture that it would have been laughable, were it not so mean-spirited. I took great personal offence to this article, and the Vatican for approving it, not because I am a traditional Catholic, but because almost my entire extended family (including my father, mother, sisters and in-laws) are all Evangelicals. I wa…

NeoMarxists Begin Their War on Catholic America

In my last blog essay I pointed out the futility of defending America's Confederate monuments in the face of the growing NeoMarxist movement in the United States. This of course is being challenged by NeoNazi racist groups in the United States, as we would naturally expect, and vice versa. Nazis and Marxists have always hated one another, and the violence against each reached its peak during World War II between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Of course in the war against Nazism, America sided with the Marxists, even though the Marxists technically killed more innocent people, Hitler was deemed a greater threat, namely because of his close proximity to, and aggression with, Western Europe.

As uncomfortable as this may sound, had the tables been turned, in an alternate universe, and had it been the Soviet Union attacking France and Britain during World War II, America might have actually sided with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union so long as the Nazis left Britain and Fran…

Choosing Our Battles Wisely

I am a student of history. I love learning the real reasons why things happened. It's not just how they happened that interests me, but why. That's the real interesting thing about history. That's what makes it come alive. This is why history is boring in public school classrooms. It's because the "whys" of history are filled with religious explanations, but in public schools, they're not allowed to talk about religious explanations, or at least not too deeply. For this reason, many of the "whys" of history are lost, and the study of history (on a public high school level) becomes little more than the memorisation of names, dates and places, in what seems like a disjointed chain of events without rhyme or reason.

Nobody really taught me American history. I learned it myself, the hard way. Yes, I had history teachers in public high school, and one of them was pretty good, but even he knew his limitations. He tried to teach the "whys" o…

Thank God for Evangelicals!

You know, I've had a re-awakening in the last couple weeks, and it's all thanks to some friends of Pope Francis. Bear with me, this isn't what you might think.

On July 13, 2017 a papal adviser, Father Antonio Spadaro published an article with Presbyterian Pastor Marcelo Figueroa, in the Vatican-vetted magazine La Civiltà Cattolica, entitled "Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism." The article was painful to read. It's also been excoriated by some American Catholic bishops (click here for an example). Had it just been another liberal article in another liberal magazine I wouldn't have cared. I certainly wouldn't waste my time writing about it on my blog. I've got much better things to do. However, this particular article was Vatican-vetted by the Curia Secretary of State. It's not an official Vatican publication, but it does receive the blessing of the Vatican, and I suppose, that's why it hurts. I personally don't know w…